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i am too young to have this many embarrassing memories

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I’d rather date a guy who bought an old truck with his own money than a guy who had mommy & daddy buy him a brand new truck. A guy who works for things instead of getting things handed to him is so attractive.

And has a farmers tan!!!

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Anonymous: Tips on starting a business?


  • figure out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish/sell with your business and your main objective. write it all down. 
  • take a lot of time to research and plan your budget, then refine your budget
  • set up a separate bank account just for the business 
  • if taxes aren’t already being taken out, be sure to set aside a good % of what you earn for taxes
  • I personally will make less money to produce a better product. I researched and was able to find a lot of things cheaper but I don’t like putting my name on something that isn’t excellent quality.
  • market. push that shit to every social network you have and if people don’t appreciate your hustle, let them leave.
  • don’t give up. there will be snafus and bumps but you can do it!

good luck :)